Retail Technologies

Before we move forward it is important for potential clients to understand our philosophy as it pertains to manufacturers that we recommend.

"A system is not defined by the products that comprise it, but rather by what it does for the client, its functionality."
- James Macaulay

Point of Sale
Customer Tracking
Digital Signage
Structured Wiring & Closet Clean Ups
Distributed Audio
Distributed Video
Wireless Networking

CCTV: Your bottom line is our # 1 priority when trying to run a successful business. Protecting your assets from customers and associates is one of many ways to help in accomplishing that. We can MAXimize the exposure of your cameras to help deter theft, while minimizing the amount of footage needed in order to find wrong-doers so that action may be taken swiftly, before potential issues escalate out of control.

Point Of Sale: Gone are the days of paper record keeping and calculations. With top of the line electronic register systems, everything in a retail setting becomes less of a hassle. From scanners and receipt printers, to touch screens and signature capture devices, we can install all the devices that MAXimize your profit and production while minimizing your time needed to check out customers.

Customer Tracking: Need to know your sales to customer flow ratio? How about how many people have been in the store lately, at what times, which way did they go, etc...? We install systems that can track people entering, moving throughout, and exiting the building, which will provide you with accurate numbers for your investors, business partners, and analytics team. These systems help to MAXimize your ability to accurately determine sales quotas and other necessary information to maintain a successful business.

Digital Signage: It's great to greet your customers with important information or awesome deals on a nicely sized TV. Product advertisements for newly in stock items can be displayed, along with your store hours or special sales. Keeping your customers informed of promotions and new products is key to keeping your doors open. Touch Screen and motion sensor models are available and a ton of fun for the whole family to explore. You'll get your messages out, your customers will be appreciative, and your bottom line will be happy too. Just another example of MAX working hard for you.

Structured Wiring and Closet Clean Ups: While all companies are required by law to install Structured Wiring to code, only a handful of us will go the extra mile and install it according to standard. Installing to standard means that the cabling has been installed in such a way that it will MAXimize its potential. By paying close attention to and maintaining proper bend radius, support, pathways, and many other design factors, you will receive the best possible performance out of each and every line that is installed. Closet Clean Ups have been performed by us since our inception, and we have literally cleaned up well over 200 closets. If yours is a mess, and unmanageable, give us a call.

Distributed Audio: Most stores use distributed audio for overhead paging, emergency alarms, and music to enhance customer experience. As you would expect, we make calculations and design a system to MAXimize the system for your budget and needs.

Distributed Video: Have a need to display content on multiple TV’s? We do that. Having several digital signs or displays around your store allows you to advertise certain products in certain areas of your store, MAXimizing your ability to inform your target demographic. Weather you need a handful of TV’s displaying different content around your store, or dozens of TV’s demonstrating their picture quality by direct comparison, we have the experience and know-how to properly install and configure systems that can handle any situation.

Wireless Networking: Reliability is overwhelmingly the key term that needs to be discussed in regards to wireless networks. Whether you have a single site that requires just 1 wireless router or several sites that require hundreds of Access Points, we can expand your existing infrastructure without any down-time, and with MAXimum coverage.