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We provide the following services:

Troubleshoot and Repair
Move, Add, Change

Why MAX?

1) We won't install a system and then leave you to fend for yourself. Our clients stay with us for years because they are as thrilled with our after-install practices as they were with the install itself:

i. We can provide remote or on-site training
ii. We can provide ongoing service
iii. We can provide ongoing consultation services

2) We have extensive experience and a diverse set of audio-video and technology skills. Because we are so diversified in our skill sets, we are a one-stop shop for servicing and installing many varied electronic systems. (Please see the complete list on our home page.)

3) We are discreet. You have a job to do, and so do we. We stay out of your way, as much as possible. Our techs wear attire that has a professional appearance as a technology firm. We can even perform installs during odd-hours, to ensure that your customers aren't distracted by our crews and can continue to shop without hassle.

4) We have a wide coverage area and, therefore, we are scalable to our client's needs. We can handle a single service ticket with 1 technician, or several hundred sites that need to be coordinated with several sites being completed simultaneously.

5) We always have someone on-call 24/7 (yes...including holidays!). Once a firm becomes a client, they will have access to our on-call service techs.

6) Our techs are very intelligent people with strong interpersonal and technical skills. Most of our technicians have degrees and all are provided relevant, on-going professional development and advanced certifications.

7) We design and install systems that meet our clients' needs and budgets. We design and install with the future in mind. We have conjectured that this "future proofing" typically costs just 5% more, but actually saves our clients about 15% over the lifecycle of the system. Considering how rapidly technology changes, this pre-planning for the future is a valuable and cost-saving measure.

8) We aren't going to push a particular product down your throat because "we need to make numbers". Our primary product is our service...not the products that we install. Our clients hire us because we have proven time and time-again that we literally own a project from concept to end. Simply put "We will not let our client down, Ever!"

9) Our designed systems mean that the finished system, including all necessary labor, material, documentation, schematics, programming specifications, and any other required deliverables can be given to our client at the close of a phase, or at the end of a project. MAX demands that type of thoroughness from our techs, as we believe that the documentation is just one of the many pieces of a completed system.

10) We strive to give our clients an edge on their competition. Whether it is quicker access to needed information, having the best overall presentation (without any technological glitches), or just that the installation looks "crisp" and professionally installed, we do everything within our power to help our clients look good, have an exceptional experience with their communications, security, sales, and audio-video systems. We know that when you look good, so do we!