Residential Services

We provide the following services:

Determine Design Flaws
Consultation for Architects and Home Owners

Why MAX?

1) Because many of the most affluent people in the region have used our services.

i. We can assist in deciphering the particulars of proposals
ii. We review a design to look for traits that ensures functionality, expandability, and performance
iii. We can also provide inspection services throughout the install

2) We have extensive experience and a diverse set of audio-video and technology skills. Because we are so diversified in our skill sets, we are a one-stop shop for design, consultation, and inspecting many varied electronic systems.

3) We are discreet. Our personnel wear attire that has a professional appearance and arrive in unmarked vehicles. We schedule our site visits per the schedule of the home owner, architect, and general contractor. Whatever the scenario, we can work with you.

4) Our personnel are very intelligent people with strong interpersonal and technical skills. Most of our associates have degrees and all are provided relevant, on-going professional development and advanced certifications.

5) We look for properly designed systems that meet our clients' current needs and budgets. Keeping the future in mind is also an important piece. We look for ways to ensure that as new technologies are developed, that they will have a high probability rate of success to be integrated into your system. We have conjectured that this "future proofing" typically costs just 5% more, but actually saves our clients about 15% over the lifecycle of the system. Considering how rapidly technology changes, this pre-planning for the future is a valuable and cost-saving measure.

6) We aren’t selling a system to you, so we are able to be very objective when looking at proposals that firms present to you. Our primary product is our extensive knowledge of this industry... Our clients hire us because we have proven time and time-again that we MAXimize their investment in residential electronics. Simply put "We will not let our client down, ever!"

7) Our consultation with you every step of the way means that the finished system, including all necessary labor, material, documentation, schematics, programming specifications, and any other required deliverables will be given to our client at the close of a phase, or at the end of a project. MAX demands that type of thoroughness on behalf of our clients, (especially considering the number of firms that have gone by the way side) as we believe that this important documentation is just one of the many pieces of a completed system.

8) We strive to give our clients an edge when negotiating a contract on an electronic system. Whether you are looking at possible price gouging, proposals that are not complete, or simply just too difficult to understand, we have the experience to decipher proposals and make appropriate recommendations.