Hospitality Technologies

Before we move forward it is important for potential clients to understand our philosophy as it pertains to manufacturers that we recommend.

"A system is not defined by the products that comprise it, but rather by what it does for the client, its functionality."
- James Macaulay

Theater Systems
Structured Wiring & Closet Clean Ups
Energy Conservation & Automation
Digital Signage
Wireless Networking

CCTV: Your entire industry requires that perfect strangers visit you. Anyone who turns on a TV to the news (or a realty show) can clearly see how desperate someone can get, or how foolishly a group of people are able to do stupid things. It's no wonder that the hospitality industry is one of the largest users of CCTV systems. We can MAXimize the exposure of your cameras, while minimizing the amount of footage needed in order to find wrong-doers.

Theater Systems: Enrapturing, involving, entertaining. This is becoming a more and more increasingly sought after system in higher-end hotels, resorts, and timeshares. This is where MAX shines... We base our theater designs on the experience the director intended. Then we compare that concept with your room and furniture layout. Your room may be a dedicated media room, or a multi-purpose room where your system disappears when not in use. We serve almost all budgets, so if you are interested in this, you should definitely let us know. Tie in an amazing surround sound to the big screen with a gaming system, and the kids won't want to leave! Even the parents may be hard pressed to have more fun in another room!

Structured Wiring & Closet Clean Ups: While all companies are required by law to install Structured Wiring to code, only a handful of us will go the extra mile and install it according to standard. Installing to standard means that the cabling has been installed in such a way that it will MAXimize its potential. By paying close attention to and maintaining proper bend radius, support, pathways, and many other design factors, you will receive the best possible performance out of each and every line that is installed. Closet Clean Ups have been performed by us since our inception, and we have literally cleaned up well over 200 closets. If yours is a mess, and unmanageable, give us a call.

Energy Conservation & Automation: Simply put, a better experience at your hotel = repeat business. We have several technologies that were initially introduced specifically for the hospitality industry, but have crossed over to the residential and other commercial markets too because of their success. Occupancy sensors tied into thermostats, electric drapes, and lighting controls could have a profound impact on a hotels bottom line. Even changing out lights to more energy efficient sources could benefit a hotel tremendously. Call MAX today, and we can get you set up with a pilot that will compare and contrast rooms that have the technology that hasn't changed since the 60's with today's technology. I guarantee, that most guests will prefer the new technology, and that you will save a lot of kilowatts.

Digital Signage: It's nice to greet special guests with their name on a nicely sized TV. Local companies who want to reach your guests can pay you monthly fees to be listed on this screen that can be an info center too. Touch Screen and motion sensor models are available and a ton of fun for the whole family to explore. You'll get your messages out, your visitors will be appreciative, and local businesses can complement your product too. Just another example of MAX working hard for you.

Wireless Networking: Reliability is overwhelmingly the key term that needs to be discussed in regards to wireless networks. Whether you have a single site that requires just 1 wireless router or several sites that require hundreds of Access Points, we can expand your existing infrastructure without any down-time, and with MAXimum coverage.