Commercial Technologies

Before we move forward it is important for potential clients to understand our philosophy as it pertains to manufacturers that we recommend.

"A system is not defined by the products that comprise it, but rather by what it does for the client, its functionality."
- James Macaulay

Video Conference Systems
Structured Wiring & Closet Clean Ups
Distributed Audio
Wireless Networking

Video Conference Systems: With gas prices, tolls, parking and labor rates on the rise, one of these systems may very well pay for itself in the first year alone as presentations can be viewed onsite and from the remote location that you are conferencing in with. We have MAXed out many fortune 500 companies. Believe us, these companies definitely would not be having this technology installed if it didn't have a significant use.

Structured Wiring and Closet Clean Ups: While all companies are required by law to install Structured Wiring to code, only a handful of us will go the extra mile and install it according to standard. Installing to standard means that the cabling has been installed in such a way that it will MAXimize its potential. By paying close attention to and maintaining proper bend radius, support, pathways, and many other design factors, you will receive the best possible performance out of each and every line that is installed. Personnel at MAX were key in the installation of the Structured Wiring System at BICSI® Headquarters. BICSI® is literally the organization who develops industry standards. Closet Clean Ups have been performed by us since our inception, and we have literally cleaned up well over 200 closets. If yours is a mess, and unmanageable, give us a call.

Automation: Whether you are looking to have a projection system, TV, or speakers disappear while not in use, or simply be able to push a single button to turn on a video source, set the lights to a predetermined level, and have the motorized shades be drawn for a presentation, it can all be accomplished within a reasonable budget. Too many times we have heard, "We don't need that." Let's put it into perspective: Do you believe that first impressions are lasting? Of course they are. This is MAX "ooooohhhhh!" and "aaaaahhhhh!" factor. All other things being equal, the firm that the client likes best and looks to be more impressive, wins 99 out of 100 times!

Distributed Audio: Music is always a nice calming force in the workplace. Used correctly, and it could encourage individuals to act a certain way (but that's a topic better left alone here). Most of our clients use distributed audio for 2 specific purposes in the workplace...background music, and overhead paging. As always, we make calculations and design a system to MAXimize the system for your budget.

Wireless Networking: Reliability is overwhelmingly the key term that needs to be discussed in regards to wireless networks. Whether you have a single site that requires just 1 wireless router or several sites that require hundreds of Access Points, we can expand your existing infrastructure without any down-time, and with MAXimum coverage.